Sunday, February 16, 2014

Applique 101

Here, we give you the basic recipe for whipping up an applique. It’s easy as pie!   If this is your first time stitching a machine applique, get ready for a new addiction! Appliques are oh-so-easy and tons of fun! Stitch them on anything your heart desires – t-shirts, dish towels, bath towels, bibs, and more. 

I stitched our pretty Curlz Split Applique Design on fabric and framed it to hang in a little girl's room.  The adorable frame was custom made by our friends at (Read on to see how you can win one for yourself!!)

Supply List: 

Stabilizer to suit your fabric type 
Fabric for applique 
Item to be appliqued, such as a t-shirt, dish towel, etc. 
Applique scissors 
Fusible web 
Thread to coordinate with your fabric 
Water soluble topping, optional 
Temporary spray adhesive, optional 

Let's get started! 

Press a piece of fusible web to the back of the fabric you are using for your applique. Set aside.

Hoop your stabilizer and the item you are embroidering. 

The first set of stitches creates the “placement line”, which is an outline that shows you exactly where to place your applique fabric in the next step.

Take your applique fabric and center it over the placement line. Tape the fabric in place along the edges to hold it steady during next step. As an alternative, you can use temporary spray adhesive on the back of the fabric before you place it over the placement lines.

The next set of stitches creates a “cutting line” which shows you where to trim off the excess fabric.

At this point, you’ll want to remove the hoop from your machine. Trim around the cutting line, getting as close as you can to the outline without cutting through the stitches.

Replace the hoop on your machine. The next set of stitches creates a zigzag around the applique. 

The final set of stitches creates a satin outline, giving your applique a beautiful finishing touch!

When you're finished stitching, remove the project from the hoop and remove the stabilizer. Cover the project with a pressing cloth and press with an iron to fuse the applique fabric down.

I hope you'll give appliques a try - they're a great way to fancy up just about any project and they're SEW easy to stitch with your embroidery machine!

Would you like to win a beautiful, custom-made Pink 8x10 Frame from Leave a comment below telling us about your experience with appliques for your chance to win! Winner will be chose at random and announced on our blog on March 2, 2014.

Happy Stitching!