Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scary Fairy

The design process doesn’t always go as planned. Case in point; when I was designing what is now one of my very favorite designs, our adorable Tooth Fairy, the image in my head and the one I produced on my computer screen turned out very differently!  When I had the design ready to test stitch, I couldn’t wait to whip out the prototype on my embroidery machine. My excitement turned to shock and dismay when this evil white bicuspid glared back at me. I sighed and stuffed him anyway, then went back to the drawing board. Little did I know “Scary Fairy” would become a treasured, albeit feared member of our family.  When my kids came home from school that day, I held up the scary fairy and showed them. They looked at each, screamed and went running. Not to miss out on a chance for a little goofy family fun, I ran after them, growling, with the fairy man flying  over my head. Good times! From that day on, whenever Scary rears his pearly-white self, we toss it at each other, scream, and run.


1 comment:

Patty Wilkes said...

I can't find the tooth fairy anymore on your site. What happened to him/her?