Monday, August 8, 2011

NEW In-the-Hoop Peekaboo Designs!

Peekaboo, it's Back to School (and all the parents shout "Wahoo!") Summer vacation is almost over. Cheer the kids up with our very cheery Peekaboo Pencil Cases! Choose the fabric theme that matches each of their personalities and stitch up an In the Hoop Embroidery pencil case in no time. They're also great for stashing sewing supplies, stuffing with toys for long trips or waiting at the doctor's office, or to keep in a diaper bag for diaper cream and other baby necessities. And at the $7 Introductory Price, how can you resist buying such an adorable, fun, and easy design?!

We didn't forget about the little ones who are headed off to Preschool this fall! Our brand new Peekaboo Crayon Bags are perfect for stashing lots of crayons to keep little hands busy! A pocket on the back holds a note pad so your little Picasso will never be without a canvas on which to create a masterpiece. Peekaboo Crayon Bags also make adorable birthday gifts children will treasure! A fast, fun, and easy in-the-hoop project all wrapped up in a sweet little package!