Friday, January 7, 2011

My Little Cub Scout

Last night was the annual Cub Scouts Bake-Off in my son's troop where each scout makes a baked good with a parent and brings them to the pack meeting for judging. Since Thomas is a Bear Cub, we were assigned to make a cake. We decided on a favorite of ours; Cake Pops! We decorated them to look like Lego characters and they turned out really cute! And they were a HUGE hit with the Scouts!

The best part of the night (even better than sampling all of the treats at the meeting) was that Thomas won for the Most Creative cake! Hurray to Thomas!! Here's his "trophy".... ;-)


Cole's Corner said...

How cute!
Man! he looks just like you. What a cutie pie.
Love those cake pops.

Simon Archer said...

I love them! Congratulations Thomas!

Mimi said...

Way to go, Thomas!

mysons said...

Oh my gosh! Your son is adorable and looks so proud! Congratulations!