Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Peekaboo Zipper Cases!

I LOVE my newest In the Hoop design and I think you will, too! I originally designed Peekaboo Zipper Cases to hold toiletries and other essentials for my family's upcoming Disney trip but they're useful for so many things! I filled one with bandages and Neosporin to keep in my purse for all of those boo-boos that happen to my kids while we're out on walks or at the park. I also think they'd be great for stashing supplies for a sewing class. I used Disney fabrics to make toothbrush/toothpaste cases for my kids for our trip and I also made a 6x10 version for my husband! I love finding in the hoop designs that I can make for the guys - don't you? Grab them while they're at a super-duper Introductory Price!

1 comment:

Cole's Corner said...

Those are awesome! I do LOVE in the hoops I can use for the guys in my life. Awesome new project!