Monday, March 8, 2010

NEW 5x7 Crayon Roll!

I've had lots of requests for a Crayon Roll to fit in the 5x7 hoop and here it is! This nifty little bundle holds 7 crayons and rolls up nice and small to fit in a mom's purse for those times when you need quick entertainment for your little one... doctor's offices, restaurants, etc. And the best part is that little hands can roll it up and close it without Mom's help, since there's a velcro closure! Kids LOVE to be able to do things independently and they'll love cleaning up after themselves when they see how much fun it is, LOL! The closure is made using Velcro Fabric Fusion which is such a fun product. Using a hot iron, you adhere the Velcro to the grosgrain ribbon strap. You also have the option of making a simple ribbon tie with this design, if you'd rather not have a Velcro closure. Directions are included for both.

Personalize your Crayon Rolls for a fun touch. Tuck a Crayon Roll in a gift bag with a coloring book and you have a great birthday gift every child will adore!
Look at the adorable Crayon Rolls Nicole made:

And here are a couple I made with the 6x10 Crayon Roll, which holds one extra crayon:

Here is what the crayon roll looks liked when it's rolled up - nice and small!

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Cole's Corner said...

I love these! I'm so glad you made it to fit my hoop! Wooo Hooo!