Friday, December 4, 2009

Wristlet Cases for iPhone and iTouch!

I'm really excited to introduce my long-awaited In-the-Hoop iPhone Case! It's actually pretty nifty since it uses clear vinyl for the front of the case and you can use your iPhone or iTouch without removing it from the case! I have to give my smart hubby credit for that awesome idea. I made a prototype this week and carried it around for a couple of days before realizing I really needed a strap for my wrist. I made another last night with a strap and am loving it! It has a zipper so your iPhone won't fall out, a pocket in the back to store head phones, and, in addition to the wrist strap, it has a loop so you can attach a key ring or lobster clasp. The Wristlet Case for iPhones is really fast to make and the zipper is so easy to attach in-the-hoop that you'll be amazed!

The design will be ready this weekend. I'm finishing up the instruction photos and waiting for feedback from my testers then it will be ready to go. The retail price is $12 and it will be offered at an Introductory Price of $8 for a limited time only. If you really can't wait, I'm offering a special pre-order price of $6. Click here to pre-order!

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