Monday, December 14, 2009

Posh Purse Hair Pretties

Thanks for all of the entries in my Name-the-Next-Hair-Pretties-Design Contest! You are such a talented and creative bunch! It was hard to choose from all of the wonderful suggestions but in the end, I felt "Posh Purse Hair Pretties" was perfect. Thanks to Sharon Z. and Pamela O. for coming up with such a fun name!

Posh Purse Hair Pretties are perfect for your little fashionista. They are so quick and easy to make in-the-hoop, you'll want to make them for every occasion! Use red felt and a green ribbon handle for Christmas, pink felt and a red handle for Valentine's...the possibilities are endless. And they're not just for hair! Here are some other fun ways to use them:
  • Barbie purses! One of my talented testers came up with this cute idea - isn't she clever?
  • Party Favor Bag decorations - clip on Posh Purse Hair Pretties for a super presentation!
  • Shoe decorations - clip one on each shoe!
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Gift Box tie-ons
  • Pins
Don't miss our coordinating Posh Purse Applique Pocket!!

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