Thursday, November 26, 2009

Black Friday is Here!

The Black Friday Gingerbread Bundle is up on my site! I'm so excited to offer this great deal to my wonderful customers. This adorable set includes 5 designs; in-the-hoop Gingerbread Boy AND Girl Softies, Gingerbread Boy AND Girl Appliques, and a very sweet Gingerbread Love Applique, all at the special price of $15.99. The regular price for these designs is $40 so that's a sweet 60% discount!

The Gingerbread Softies are one of my all-time favorite designs! Even my picky 7 year old son loved the Gingerbread Boy...when I showed it to him his eyes grew wide and he gasped and whispered "is that for ME?!" And my 3 year old daughter loved the Gingerbread Girl and especially her colorful dress! They're so much cuter in person (I'm clearly not a photographer!)

The Gingerbread Love Applique included in this bundle was the perfect design for this simple pillow I made. I stitched the design on a cute dish towel which I purchased recently at T.J. Maxx HomeGoods. Once my design was stitched, I wrapped it around a pillow form to check the placement. I pinned the overlap in place, removed the pillow, then pinned the sides together. I stitched along each side to close. Then I simply slide the pillow form into the envelope opening, hand stitched on a quick bow and Voila! I think I'm going to make a bunch of these for Christmas gifts since they were so quick and easy!

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