Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hair Pretties Halloween Treat Bags

Turn simple Halloween Treat Bags into spectacular gifts! I used Spooky Spider Hair Pretties designs to transform these boring bags into fun ones that any kid would flip for! I simply tied each treat bag with a ribbon. I made one spider into a hair clip for my daughter, then clipped it onto the ribbon. I made the other spider into a pin for my son and pinned it onto the ribbon. Super fun and super easy! I have to mention that when I set these bags up to photograph, my phone rang. I walked away to answer it and when I returned 10 minutes later, the bags were torn apart and the candy inside was missing. My two small children were nowhere in sight and the house was eerily quiet... I guess the treat bags were just irresistible!

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Cole's Corner said...

hahahhahahahahhaha. The bags look awesome! But how funny about the phone and the missing bags... I can relate.

They look beautiful for a while...