Thursday, October 8, 2009

Christmas Hair Pretties and a Fun Idea!

Oh, the cuteness! I think my new Snowman Hair Pretties design is my favorite one yet! With flirty eyelashes and ric rac arms, this little snowman will melt your heart! I left room on the snowman's belly so a name can be added with your software for a sweet little extra touch! Snowman Hair Pretties are Introductory Priced at only $4! (Look for our matching applique pattern coming soon!)

There are so many fun things you can do with this design. For one, how about stitching a ribbon loop into the top of the Snowman Hair Pretty to make a Christmas ornament?! That's exactly what I did in the photo below (but my Christmas tree is still boxed up in my attic for another few weeks so I tied it onto a gift instead!) I found this sweet red gift bag at a Hallmark store. It had red grosgrain ribbon handles and a little red ribbon loop for hanging a tag - perfect! I threaded a piece of red grosgrain ribbon through the bag's ribbon loop, then threaded on my Snowman and tied the ribbon in a bow. Voila! Notice I added a name to the ornament during the stitching so I have a gift tag as well as an ornament!

I also wrapped a jar with festive tissue paper then tied it with a red grosgrain ribbon, laced with the Snowman Hair Pretties ornament.

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Cole's Corner said...

It's soooo cute.
Ella and Lucy are dying to make some into ornaments!