Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Contest Entries!

I have the most creative customers! I offer them my simple Hair Pretties designs and look what they can do with them....

Rhea from North Carolina has been one busy little bee! Check out her creations...

She used our Spooky Spider Hair Pretties design and turned it into 3 different fun creations! She cut 2 slits in the back of the spider and slipped it over the strap on her shoe for a really fun little shoe decoration!

Next, she took the Spooky Spider Hair Pretties design and slipped grosgrain ribbon through 2 slits on the back of the spider. She attached Velcro dots on the ribbon ends then secured the ribbon around a napkin to make a napkin ring! I love this idea and so will my kids when I make them a set!

And, as if that wasn't enough creativity for one day, Rhea used the Spooky Spider Hair Pretties design to make a bracelet using grosgrain ribbon and Velcro! Very cute idea!!

Rhea also used our Posy Hair Pretties design to personalize a pair of gloves. What a cute holiday gift idea! She stitched the Posies on felt in-the-hoop, then stitched them to the gloves by hand.

Rhea also made this adorable hat with our Annie Owl Hair Pretties design. SO cute! She tacked the owl down by hand. You could also stitch some Velcro to the hat and the back of a variety of Hair Pretties designs so you can change out the design to match your outfit or holiday. What a fun little gift set that would make!

Rhea made this perfect bag for fall with our Pumpkin Hair Pretties designs. She cut a fence out of felt and stitched it to the bag, then adorned it with a bunch of little Pumpkin Hair Pretties! How fun!

Not to be left out, Rhea used our Bird Hair Pretties designs on this cute Minky pillow. She cut a tree out of felt, stitched it to the pillow, and surrounded it with adorable little Bird Hair Pretties which she quickly stitched down. Any little girl would adore this sweet pillow!

Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful, ideas, Rhea - I know you've inspired me!

Look for more entries and creative ideas for Hair Pretties designs coming very soon!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A few Hair Pretties Contest Entries

Here are some of the wonderful entries I've received so far for the Hair Pretties contest! It's always thrilling when my customers share their projects with me and I love the creative ways they are using the Hair Pretties designs!!

Rhea from North Carolina used our new Apple Hair Pretties design to make an adorable bookmark! During the stitching process, she inserted 7/8" grosgrain ribbon into the tops of two apples to create her bookmark. What a fun idea! These would make quick and easy teacher gifts!

Courtney from Louisiana used our Spooky Spider Hair Pretty on a pretty orange hair bow to make it simply adorable!

Nicole from Alabama used our Posy Hair Pretties on top of pretty hair bows and they turned out beautifully! Instead of using felt, Nicole used fabric and cut it with pinking shears. How creative! (She used felt on the back of the Posy Hair Pretties to give them body.)

Nicole also used our Spooky Spider Hair Pretties design as a pin for her little boy. He's a cutie and so is his pin!

And Nicole didn't stop there....she made another Spooky Spider Hair Pretty and used fun ribbon for the legs....and another with a fun orange bow. Great job on all your Hair Pretties, Nicole!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Creative Hair Pretties Idea #2!

Here is a really fun way to use all of the Hair Pretties designs from Pickle Pie Designs. I promised to show you show you how Hair Pretties designs can be used for little boys as well as girls - this is a great way to use them! Now what little guy (or gal) wouldn't go crazy for....

Cupcake Picks!!! Once you're done stitching your Hair Pretties, you simply poke a toothpick through the bottom stitching and voila! And speaking of cupcakes, stay tuned for our new Cupcake Hair Pretties designs which will be released later this week.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hair Pretties Creative Idea #1 and CONTEST!

I promised new Hair Pretties designs and creative ways to use them so here goes Idea #1 featuring our brand new Boutique Bird Hair Pretties design!

Our Hair Pretties designs are the perfect way to brighten up store-bought gift bows! I stitched our adorable new Boutique Bird Hair Pretties design, made it into a hair clip following the directions that come with the design, then simply clipped it onto the bow. It made the entire gift so much more special. Inside the gift bag is a t-shirt I made with our matching Boutique Bird Applique stitched on it so the lucky little girl who is getting it will have a t-shirt with a matching Boutique Bird Hair Pretty!

Don't forget - all of our Hair Pretties designs along with coordinating applique and bow holders are on sale! Click here to see them all. And don't forget to send us photos of Hair Pretties you've made with any Hair Pretties designs from Pickle Pie Designs for a chance to win a super prize! E-mail photos to picklepiedesigns@gmail.com. Read about our CONTEST here!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hair Pretties CONTEST and Special Feature

I'm running a fantastic Hair Pretties Contest! Send in photos of projects you've made with Hair Pretties from Pickle Pie Designs for a chance to win a super prize package! The Grand Prize winner will receive a sweet Hair Pretties Package which includes a surprise set of new Hair Pretties designs from Pickle Pie Designs, a Christmas collection of gorgeous 100% wool felt from "Felt on the Fly" on Etsy, Goody brand snap clips and ponytail elastics, a package of alligator clips, and a $25 gift certificate to spend at PicklePieDesigns.com! I'll also offer prizes for second and third place, to be announced soon.

To enter, please e-mail your photos to picklepiedesigns@gmail.com, and be sure to include your name and any other information you'd like to provide such as materials or techniques you used in your project. You may enter more than one project for more chances to win! Entries must use only designs by Pickle Pie Designs. Winners will be judged on creativity and will be determined by Pickle Pie Designs. All photos submitted will be featured and shown on picklepiedesigns.com and picklepiedesigns.blogspot.com. Entries must be received by October 9 and winners will be announced by October 16. E-mail me with any questions.

And don't miss our special blog feature over the next few weeks:
Creative Ideas using Hair Pretties designs from Pickle Pie Designs!

Hair Pretties are really versatile designs with lots of creative possibilities. Over the next couple of weeks I will be featuring fun and creative ways to use our Hair Pretties designs for more than just hair accessories! You will love all of the fun uses for Hair Pretties (did you know you can use them for boys, too?! You can - and I'll show you how!) Be sure to check back starting Monday, September 19 when my feature will begin.

In addition to the contest and blog feature, I will be releasing several new Hair Pretties designs this month, all at special Introductory Prices. And all of our currently available Hair Pretties, as well as coordinating Bow Holders and Applique designs, are specially priced now through October 9!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's that wonderful time of year - Pumpkin Time!! Fall is nearly here and Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner. I wanted to offer a fun pumpkin design that would work for both holidays - and my newest Monogrammed Pumpkin designs do just that!

The Monogrammed Pumpkin Applique design can transform a boring kitchen towel into a fabulous hostess gift! It's also the perfect way to turn a plain jane t-shirt into a unique boutique top! And pair it with our Monogrammed Pumpkin Hair Pretties design for a beautiful matching set. (My own little Pumpkin is modeling her Monogrammed Pumpkin Hair Pretties below!)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Fall and Halloween Designs on their way!

I have a bunch of new fall and Halloween designs on the way. If only I could put my children to work test-stitching, I'd have them ready sooner! I'm really excited about the designs and cannot wait to get them up on my website. Look for some great new Hair Pretties designs with apples and pumpkins, as well as an adorable little monster to stitch on t-shirts for all of the little monsters in your life!

My new Spooky Spider Hair Pretties are so incredibly cute I giggle whenever I look at them. There are so many possibilities with these creepy-crawly-but-crazy-cute little guys and gals! You can make hair clips, ponytail holders or even pins with them so even little boys and grown-ups can wear them. Too much fun, I tell you! Nicole of Cole's Creations e-mailed to tell me she's planning to make them for all of her children's teachers. I think that is such a fabulous idea that I plan to do the same (thanks for the great idea, Nicole, I love it!!) Spooky Spider Hair Pretties give you lots of creative possibilities; for the legs, you can use different sized rick-rack, solid ribbons, or even patterned ribbons. Stitch on a little bow to make the spider a girl, or leave it off and make a boy spider. They give you lots of options and they're loads of fun to make right in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine! Pair them with our Spooky Spider Applique and Spooky Spider Softie designs for a great matching gift set, as shown below.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Bit About Me

My daughter's preschool teacher asked each parent to bring in a family photo to hang in the class. We didn't have a recent one so my husband set up our camera on auto-shoot (or whatever you call that nifty feature) and we huddled together on the couch ready to be photographed. I thought they turned out pretty well. I usually hate photos of myself and would cringe to share them with the world, but this one's not *too* bad, LOL! And aren't my children and their goofy little faces cute?!

I have to mention that about an hour before this photo was taken, I injured my foot. I was walking barefoot behind my three year old daughter and my foot hit the back of hers. I heard a crack and I dropped to the floor in agony. I was sure I broke my little toe. The next day I could barely walk, the entire bottom of my foot hurt, and the top right side of my foot and my pinky toe were black and blue. I decided a trip to the doctor was probably a good idea. An x-ray showed no broken bones and I left with a diagnosis of a torn ligament. Ouch! The doctor said it was more painful than a broken toe and I believe her! I've been on the couch with my foot propped up for the past few days (well, as much as a mother can with two little ones...) I've been working on some new designs since I'm just lying around, but I can't test them just yet. My favorite is a little monster design just in time for Halloween. I can't wait to share him with you!!