Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm so happy to finally release my Child's Boutique Eyeglass Case, which perfectly matches the grown-up Boutique Eyeglass Case so you can make adorable Match-with-Mom sets!  I meant to finish this design set sooner but my little guy had eye surgery in June and things have been crazy these past couple of weeks.  (Thanks for all the well wishes for him.  He's doing great!)

You can purchase the new Child's Boutique Eyeglass Case here.

It's so important for children to wear sunglasses.  Several studies suggest that exposure to ultraviolet light can contribute to cataracts later in life.  (I've learned more than my fair share about cataracts; my son had one as an infant which has led to 3 surgeries and lifelong vision issues.  UV rays didn't contribute to his, a birth defect did, but I still want to protect the vision in his good eye so his prescriptions eyeglasses have Transitions lenses.)  

When purchasing sunglasses for your children, be sure they have 100% UV protection.  Cheapo sunglasses from the dollar store don't always do their job.  I recently purchased a few pairs of sunglasses at the Disney Store for my nieces at 75% off! They were labeled 100% UV protection and had Disney princesses on them so they were perfect!  I have, of course, made them each a Child's Boutique Eyeglass Case to store them so that will get them excited about the sunglasses and more likely to actually wear them!

Here is the Child's Boutique Eyeglass Case next to the mom's Boutique Eyeglass Case, for size comparisons:

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