Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Website in the Works

Pickle Pie Designs is getting a nifty new website with instant download! I hope to have it up and running over the next couple of weeks. Watch my blog for updates and a Grand Opening Sale announcement soon!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Badges Galore!

Pickle Pie Designs Badges can be purchased on our website.

We recently introduced Birthday Badges, a really fun in-the-hoop project with lots of creative possiblities. Since introducing these fun and popular designs, we released a great set for Mom & Grandma, in honor of Mother's Day, and a #1 Teacher Badge to show your appreciation to your child's teacher. We have lots of great new badges coming out for all occasions (Dads & Grads, Big Brother, Big Sister, and more!) They are such a fun project; I've been having a blast creating them and making samples and want to share some great badge tips with you!

Stiffened Felt
Stiffened stiff felt can be found at craft stores. I've purchased it at both Joann's and A.C. Moore. I bought glittery white stiff felt at both stores and found they were not the same quality. Joann's was more stiff which I prefer while A.C. Moore's was more pliable, although that made it easier to cut around the circle once it was stitched. A.C. Moore had a wider selection and even offered stiff felt in fun prints; zebra, cheetah and tie-dye!

Ribbon Loops
You can really have some fun with the optional ribbon loops! You can, of course, leave them off of the project to save on time, but they really do add to the "Wow factor." Get creative and alternate colors for a great look. Use school colors for the #1 Teacher or the soon-to-be-released "Class of 2009" Badge. Use three different ribbons colors for even more fun!

Use variegated thread for even more color fun! Our Birthday Boy sample uses red, white and blue variegated thread and turned out really great. Metallic thread would really make your badges pop!

Creative Uses
Instead of another birthday shirt which will only be worn once or twice, make a Birthday Badge instead. You child will wear it proudly on their special day and can display it in their room for the rest of the year!

My favorite use for the badges is to use a Birthday or other Pickle Pie Designs Badge in place of a boring bow on a gift. Make your gift the one the birthday kid reaches for first! Children flock to them - they really are that fun!

Another fun use is for your children's classroom. Create a Birthday Badge set (Boy & Girl) for the classroom so the Birthday Boy or Girl of the day can proudly wear them during school.

I hope you have as much fun with Pickle Pie Designs badges as I do! To purchase, visit our website today.